Odor Free SC's high power ozone output will kill mold and mildew and remove mold smells.

Shock treatment remediation is required to remove mold odor because mold and mildew thrive in damp environments and those areas with poor air circulation. If the area smells musty, there's a good chance that live mold spores are in the air. These spores can reproduce by the millions creating health issues, as well as damaging the building and its contents.

Ozone is very effective in attacking mold, mildew and mold spores. At high levels, Ozone deteriorates the cell structure of these microorganisms and breaks down their ability to reproduce. As our system fills the entire space with ozone, every interior surface including floors, ceilings, closets, furniture and clothing gets sanitized. While ozone is not able to pass through solid walls, it goes where normal air can go, even down into cracks and crevices.