Odor Free SC's high power ozone generator is an excellent nursing home and hospital odor eliminator. Health care facilities where patients spend a great deal of time in bed often deal with special odor issues that require hospital odor removal.

Food and beverage spills, body odors, waste and bodily fluids generate fumes and vapors that get embedded in the furniture, drapes, bedding, the carpet and also cling to walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Microorganisms can thrive in this type of environment as well.

Even after the janitorial staff has cleaned the room, odors may linger because many surfaces are not part of the cleaning protocol. Odor Free SC's high output ozone will very effectively remove hospital smell because it attacks the source of the odor. As the ozone fills the room, it oxidizes the odors wherever they are and kills microorganisms. Ozone is a very active molecule and will follow the same path that the odors took and eliminate hospital odors.